You wouldn't believe what this man discovered when he decided to put a hidden camera in he and his wife's kitchen! Unbelievable!

Almost all of the couple's most feared thing to ever possibly undergo is by being cheated on by your partner. No matter how trough you think you are, experiencing it is heartaching and hard to overcome

And it's always the same reason that the cause behind the cheating is because the're unsatisfied or unhappy for their current partner that they want to look for another to love.

Like this incident, a wife was unaware that her husband has placed on a CCTV camera in their kitchen. Although we don't know the exact intention why he did that, we can conclude that he has been suspecting his wife.

And it was definitely a surprise because, as seen on the footage, his wife was obviously flirting and leading him, the plumber, on. Beyond doubt, that her eagerness for the man to see her underwear was evident.

Although it's true that your partner has the capability to do things behind your back, don't always assume that your partner will do bad things. But of course, you never know right?

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