Woman Became Instant Millionaire After Bank Gave Her P216 Million by Mistake

Christine Jiaxin Lee was a regular student in Sydney before she became an instant millionaire. 

She didn’t win the lotto, but she might as well have after the bank mistakenly deposited P216-million ($4.6 million) in her account.

Lee was checking her West Pac Bank account when she saw P216 million ($4.6 million) waiting for her. She wasted no time wondering where the extra zeroes came from and immediately live like an instant millionaire.

First, she rented a posh apartment in the Sydney’s West Area, where celebrities like singer Kylie Minogue or actor Tom Cruise stayed, Who would mind a $3,000-rent when you have hundred times more in your bank account?

After upgrading her address, she upgraded her looks as well. She made regular visits to expensive salons, perming her hair and pampering herself, complete with manicure and pedicure for 11 months

She also went on shopping-sprees. She bought luxury bags, designer clothes, latest gadgets and diamond-crusted accessories. Lee, reportedly, spent $220,000 in one shopping trip to a Christine Dior boutique.

Soon enough, her sudden wealth caught the attention of authorities. When Lee noticed the police hounding her, she immediately booked a flight back to Malaysia, her homeland. Unfortunately for Lee, the police caught on her plans and arrested her at the airport.

Despite spending most of the $4.6 million, Lee won’t go to jail. She said that she assumed the money came from her parents, and the bank, not Lee, was at fault for not telling her about the error. 

No matter how unbelievable the defense sounds, legal experts say that it holds in court, and charges against Lee will soon be dropped.

 Woman Became Instant Millionaire After Bank Gave Her P216 Million by Mistake
Source: ExtremeReaders , Kami

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