WATCH: Here’s Why You Should Add ‘The Maldives Of The Philippines’ To Your Bucket List

The Philippines has long been known for its vibrant festivals, breathtaking heritage sites, and stunning beaches. From the Ati-atihan Festival in Aklan to the Underground River in Puerto Princesa to the powdery shores in Panglao. Now, the country adds another feather to its colorful cap: Manjuyod Sandbar.

Located in Negros Oriental, the Manjuyod Sandbar is a strip of white sandbeaches that stretches for seven kilometers.

While the area is under Manjuyod, the sandbar is closer to the Bais City. From Dumaguete Airport, travelers can take a jeepney or a shuttle to Bais City. They must go to Capiñahan Wharf in South Bais Bay and take a 15-minute boat ride to Manjuyod Sandbar.

The boat usually stops for hours, depending on the package, so visitors can sunbathe, swim, snorkel, eat lunch and other beach activities they prefer. The 600-hectare area is also popular for viewing whales and dolphins for the adventurous-types.

For the nature-explorers, there are attractions near the area, such as Bird Sanctuary and Mangrove Park. 

There are cottages (for rent) lined up along the beach. During high-tide, the stilts will be underneath the water and cottages would be “floating”---just like in Maldives, a popular tourist spot where tour packages cost at least P140,000 per head.

Because of the similarities between the two tourist spots, a Canadian videoblogger named Christian LeBlanc called Manjuyod Sandbar, “the Maldives of the Philippines.” 

“Manjuyod Sandbar in the Philippines is heaven on earth,” he said. “Easily one of the most beautiful places in the world."

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