War Looming At West PH Sea? FB Video Alleges Chinese Troops Are Mobilizing In Hainan.

China is allegedly preparing for war, says a viral video on Facebook.

A video posted by a certain Harry Uy showed clips of Chinese tanks and a jet fighter lining up the streets, and combat trucks being mobilized.

“My Chinese friend has just sent these videos to me. Chinese Military forces seem to be preparing for war in Hainan,” he wrote. “According to her, some of the videos were taken two days ago, while some were taken today.”

He added, “I am starting to get worried.”

The video’s authenticity hasn’t been validated, but it already racked up 912,000 views and 1,774 shares.

But China waging a war against the Philippines (a US ally), according to experts, is unlikely.

Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs Daniel Russel told CNBC that China would be pressured to abide by the ruling in Hague, which rejected China’s claims on the West Philippines Sea.

“I truly do not believe that China seeks that kind of military confrontation," Russel said. "No good will come for anyone — let alone China particularly, as it struggles with a slowing economy — from any kind of military clash.”

Jessica Chen Weiss of Cornell University shared the same observations. While she thinks the Chinese Government will use the "nationalistic sentiment" from maritime disputes with other countries, it would also squash the “ultra-nationalistic” voices calling for war. 

“The Chinese government tends to suppress grassroots nationalism when it wants room for maneuver in handling foreign incidents,” Weiss told Foreign Policy. 

Weiss added that “censoring extreme voices is part of China’s risk management strategy.”

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