Want to Take a Bath in Coffee, Tea, or Wine? You Can Do It In This Resort In Japan!

We all have our favorite drinks---whether it’s coffee for breakfast, tea for merienda, or wine for a night cap.

But have you ever thought about swimming in coffee? Can you imagine taking a bath in green tea or wine? 

It sounds like another internet hoax, but there is a place where you can take a dip in your favorite beverage: the Yunessun Spa Resort.

The spa-resort is located in Hakone, a Japanese town filled with hot springs (like Pansol, Laguna). Unlike other resorts in the area, Yunessun’s pools are mixed with popular drinks. 

The most famous bath is the wine pool. According to Yunessun’s site, bathing in wine  “rejuvenates the body.” Unfortunately, it is only available for 12 days every year. 

The Green Bath had tea leaves to boost your immune system and makes your skin glow.

If you want to remove freckles and age spots, you can try their Sake bath instead. 

They also have special baths like Chocolate Pool for Valentine’s day and Noodle bath for families

While the baths sound like another gimmick, the guests of Yunessun were very satisfied. They called the experience “fun” and “relaxing.”

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