VIRAL: Sharon Cuneta's chair in "The Voice Kids" malfunctioned!

This would be the first time that a chair malfunctioned in the Philippine franchise of the singing competition "The Voice". Its first victim is the first time coach Sharon Cuneta.

While Noel Comia, 11-year-old, is having his blind audition and singing "Can This Be Love", Sharon pushed the button to turn her chair around and face Noel. However, her chair made a 360 degrees turn which made the audience and judges laugh out loud.

What happened to Sharon made its way to Twitter's Top trending topics last May 28, Sunday. Netizens also claim that they admire Noel for keeping his composure and continuing his performance despite the situation.

They added that Coach Sharon is indeed a true sport because she also finds humor on the incident which happened to her. However, Noel still chose Leah Salonga as his coach.

Watch the hilarious chair fail below:

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