VIRAL: A girl was unawaringly fantasized by men in social media! Why? Must read!

In today's generation, virtual reality is the newest trend of both average and tech-loving people in all ages. Now, Oculus VR and Samsung's Gear VR virtual reality headset have made it possible to experience the future in a new medium.

It's lightweight, comfy and most especially, accessible to everyone worldwide. Gear VR is the most functional and the first ever virtual reality headset to market for a number of years of hype.

And at the same time, an esceptionally limited choice of software and functionality makes Gear VR live up to its "Innovator Edition." Alias: A device that aims for early adopters and virtual reality enthusiasts, not the mainstream - for now.

In the meantime, one of the fortunate people that experienced the Gear VR was able to share her video encounter. It was recorded on a short clip that shows her using the Gear VR and having fun by herself. The gadget showed her real effects and visuals that resulted her to react hilariously to some extent.

Watch the video below!

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