TIME FOR UNITY: Duterte offers cabinet post for Robredo Pres Duterte to VP Robredo: ‘Pwede ka housing, Ma’am?

Finally, President Rodrigo Duterte offered Vice President Leni Robredo a cabinet post.

A phone conversation between the two officials was aired on PTV4 last Thursday. In the footage, Duterte asked Robredo, "Pwede ka housing, Ma'am? Can you be the housing secretary?"

In the beginning, Duterte hesitated giving any appointment to Robredo, who ran under a different party. To put a stop to the questions from the media and concerned groups, Duterte reached out to Robredo and offered her a seat in his cabinet. 

Robredo, for her part, was apologetic for the disturbance that happened between the two offices. 

"Do not be apologetic,” Duterte assured Robredo. “But gusto ko na itong tanong nang tanong, tanong nang tanong. Pwede ka housing, Ma'am? Can you be the housing secretary? Tanggapin mo, Ma'am?"

Robredo’s answer was inaudible but the President’s office would deliver the appointment papers to her as soon as possible. Robredo, if she agrees, will be in charge of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC), which “coordinates government housing agencies” to implement the National Shelter Program.

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