Throwback picture of Young Baste and Daddy Duterte

Sebastian BasteDuterte felt a little nostalgic last Thursday as he shared a picture of himself with his parents, President Rodrigo Duterte and Elizabeth Zimmerman.

The photo, captioned “#TBT”, showed a very young Baste at the back of a much younger, spectacled President Duterte, riding a motorbike. Zimmerman, meanwhile, guided the young Baste, so he wouldn’t fall off while the picture was being taken. 

Baste became a heartthrob and gained a huge following during the campaign. It’s no surprise that the post was an instant hit with netizens. It had been garnered 59,000 likes and had been shared more than 1,800 times. They described Baste as “pogi” and “cute”

Some commenters also praised President Duterte’s “cool father” image. Being the newly-elected patriarch of the Filipinos, they hoped that he would treat Filipinos like a good father. 

Unlike his father and siblings, Baste does not wish to enter politics. He said he’d rather stay quiet in the background and help his family when needed. 

Throwback picture of Young Baste and Daddy Duterte

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