This woman seductively sings viral song 'Tatlong Bibe'! Must see!

A woman has caught the attention of the netizens on social media. This is because of her video which has been viewed for more than 400,000 times. 

It shows how she is singing the recent viral Filipino song 'Tatlong Bibe'. But she decided to sing it in a different and unusual way.

Most of the time, the song is for comedic purposes. However, she seems to have another intention for doing the video.

The video also shows her large breasts which she used as 'props' for singing the song. She tried to look seductive by touching her own breast and making it bounce.

But it turns out that the woman in the video is rumored to be a transgender. Netizens also gave out mixed reactions in the video she has made.

Check out her video below!
Source: ExtremeReaders. Facebook

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