This woman caught taking a 'dump' at the railway station! This is unbelievable!

There are just some people who don't care about who will see what they would do in public. They won't bother even if they will be caught through a camera

It was reported last week, that a particular woman decided to squat down and take a dump outside the railway station in Dalian. There were about 10 people who passed near her but they did not mind her.

Moreover, one man also stumbled near her but he is busy looking at his cell phone. All the people appear that they don't want to disturb the woman, who just goes right on pooping.

There are some who wondered if she didn't notice that someone is filming her. Unfortunately, the video went viral on a Chinese social media with netizens criticizing her behavior.

Some also shamed her by stating that there are public bathrooms available.

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