This man thought he wouldn't get noticed as he records a woman, but he was wrong! The woman certainly got him good!

If you plan to be a commuter for the first time and desire to know everything about being one, the most basic public transportation in the Philippines are jeepneys. We all know that no place is safe, making every public transportation bring possible danger to commuters.

So it's not uncommon for bad situations to happen. A few people are even unaware that they are being targeted. For instance, this girl is being recorded by a man from across the other side of the jeep. But, in this case, the man is the one who is unknowingly being recorded back.

Although it is true that bad things happen, but it doesn't mean that those wrong doers wouldn't get caught.

If you are a commuter, imprint it in your mind that you must always be cautious. Being careful and observant to your surroundings will certainly come to your advantage.

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