This man goes near to this innocent woman! Blood raising act!

More cases of women being abused in public are rampantly increasing. These can be proven by the numerous videos uploaded on social media which shows how suspects assault their victims.

Most of the time, this happens in crowded area or public places. What's more blood raising is that other people should have stopped this kind of scene instead of taking a video of it.

Another perfect example of this situation is this trending video which shows how a man goes near to an innocent woman. It seems that it happened inside the mall where people gathered because a certain activity or mini concert was going on.

Unfortunately, the woman doesn't feel anything and so, the man pursues his evil intentions towards the woman. Netizens claim that this man should be embarrassed for what he did to the woman and so, many are sharing the video to make the man known and to raise awareness to others.

Watch the video below!

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