This Beautiful And Stunning Spring Has A ‘Never-ending Blackhole”

Are you willing to take the “dive of death”?

Eight divers tried and ended up dead. The place has been dubbed as “one of the most dangerous places to dive on Earth” and earned the nickname “Texas Dive of Death.” But those concerns never fazed other divers, thrill-seekers, and even young children from going to Jacob’s Well in Wimberley, Texas. 

“Jacob's Well is a perpetual artesian spring that feeds Cypress Creek,” said Texas-based amateur photographer Carl Griffin.

Its mouth, or “natural swimming pool,” is four meters wide and ten meters deep, while the huge hole at its center is an underwater cave, which runs forty meters deep.

Griffin said, “For those who aren't diving, this is a natural spring fed pool being that can be and is enjoyed by everyone.”

From above, the water of Jacob’s Well is so clear that swimmers can see the rock formations underneath, except for the pitch black hole.

Because of the tourists coming in and taking a plunge in Jacob’s Well, there had been recent attempts in developing the place, so this stunning, dangerous natural pool “could be enjoyed for generations to come.”

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