Texas Inmates Escape Jail To Save Guard Suffering From Heart Attack

A group of Texas Inmates are now being hailed as heroes after they saved an officer’s life. 

Parker County Sherriff’s Office released a video footage of the incident last June 23.

The video showed the inmates confined inside a cell in a courthouse when the guard-in-charge, Capt. Mark Arnett, suddenly collapsed while debriefing them of court procedures.

The inmates tried reviving him, but Arnett was neither responding nor breathing. “He had no pulse,” one of the inmates told CNN.

They admitted they were afraid to go out because escaping could land them in “deeper trouble” but their compassion for the poor guard won out. 

Five of the inmates broke the door open, while the rest used Arnett’s radio to call for help. 

The emergency response came immediately and Arnett’s condition stabilized.

Arnett thanked the inmates and said he “absolutely” owe them his life. 

After the incident, the inmates were locked back in their cell without additional charges. They are currently being tried for assault and illegal drug cases.

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