"Stairway that Never Ends' Was Designed by a Filipino. See It For Yourself And Be Amazed!"

Does the endless stairway really exist? 

A video showing an “endless stairway” has been circulating online for two years now. In the video, two people walked up and down the stairs, but due to engineering magic, they ended up exactly where they started.

The stairs were allegedly designed by a Filipino architect named Rafael Nelson Avoganda in 1968 for the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York.

Amazing, right? Not so fast.

According to Hazlitt, the stairs is NOT real. The video’s creator and director, Michael Lancilao, wanted to prove how the internet “dulled critical thinking.” 

Lancilao explained that the designed for never-ending stairs was “absurd” and people could’ve realized it if they only paused to think for 15 seconds. “A five-sided square isn’t even conceivable—it’s not logical,” he said. “It’s even more absurd than flying!” 

The Filipino architect also didn’t exist. Last 2014, Lancilao ran a Kickstarter campaign so he could build fake Wiki page and online profile for Avoganda

Unfortunately, the video became viral and people flew thousands of miles to RIT for a non-existent staircase. 

Lancilao didn’t know how to feel about it. On one hand, he felt bad that many people believed what they saw online. On the other, he made a good “myth-building experiment.“

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