Pro-life Senator Pacquiao: Hanging more ‘humane’ than lethal injection. Must Read.

Senator Emmanuel MannyDapidran Pacquiao, like President Duterte, moved for the revival of death penalty. The former Pound-for-pound champion, however, did not approve of lethal injection because it turned doctors into executioners. In respect to doctors, he believed they should not be forced into commiting a legalized murder. He added, “The law should also state that doctors are not allowed to kill people."

A better option, he said, was death penalty by hanging. He called it “more humane” than lethal injection. “Death penalty, to me, is a just retribution for a crime committed by a certain person,” he said. “Gumawa ka ng kasalanan, kailangang pagbayaran mo. But the punishment must be commensurate to the crime committed.”

The former Congressman said that death penalty should be the punishment for heinous crimes, such as rape, murder, kidnapping, and involvement with illegal drugs. He vowed that re-instating death penalty as the highest punishment in the country would be a “priority.”

As promised, Pacquiao wanted to scrap R.A. 9346, which prohibited death penalty in the Philippines.

It was one of the ten bills he is pushing in the senate. The rest of the bills include: publishing a handbook for migrant works; helping Filipino boxers; restoring ROTC in Grades 11 and 12;  extending maternity leave to six months or 180 days; establishing internet access in state colleges and universities; providing fitness programs in barangays; and increasing “composition” of barangay officials.

Pro-life Senator Pacquiao: Hanging more ‘humane’ than lethal injection. Must Read.
Source: ABS-CBN

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