PNP: 23 Mayors Involved in Illegal Drug trade. Must Read.

As many as 23 mayors are allegedly involved in illegal drugs. Philippine National Police chief Ronald Batodela Rosa announced last Friday. 

In an interview with GMA, Dela Rosa was saddened by the news that many mayors abused their power and benefited from illegal drug trade. He said, "Nakakalungkot na malaman natin na may mga mayor na involved. I hope na 'yung mga mayor na 'yun nag-aarmas nang husto [para] makipag-giyera sa 'tin."

Dela Rosa didn’t release the names, but promised to do so, as soon as they gathered enough evidence. When the time comes, he dared the suspected mayors to “arm themselves up.”

This disclosure from Dela Rosa triggered panic among the local officials. Dela Rosa shared, "Marami nang nagte-text sa 'kin kahapon. [Sabi ko sa kanila,] you clear your name dun sa nag-announce, dun kay presidente, 'wag sa akin."

President Duterte accused five ‘police generals’ for coddling drug lords and removed them from the force. One of them, General Marcelo Garbo, allegedly worked with high-profile drug lords: Peter Lim, Wu Tuan, and Herbert Colangco.

Colangco and Tuan are in prison, but Lim is out of the country. 

Duterte warned Lim. He said, "The moment he lands at NAIA (Ninoy Aquino International Airport), he will die.”

The president also extended his warning to other drug pushers. "Since they are beyond their redemption, they can stop and commit suicide,” he said. ”I will not allow these idiots to run their show."

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