No VIP Treatment. Duterte wants Prison Island for Drug Lords. Must Read.

No more VIP treatment for drug lords in Bilibid. In a press briefing in Malacañang, Department of Justice (DOJ) Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II said they were looking at plans to create a prison island for high-profile criminals, such as alleged drug lords: Herbert Colangco and Peter Co.

“In the long run, we are even contemplating of transferring them Caballo island [near Manila Bay] or to an island in Palawan,” Aguirre said. A remote island, without signal or phone service, would stop them from turning the prison into drug laboratories.

President Duterte agreed with the idea. “We should have our own Alcatraz, where prison rules and regulations are applied to the fullest,” he said. “The criminals will understand that, in the Philippines, crime does not pay.”

Even before winning the election, Duterte had captured the hearts of Filipinos because of his hard stance against crime and drugs. His allies in the Congress are pushing for the revival of death penalty for suspects of heinous crimes and lowering the age of liability to crime to 9. 

The Philippine Alcatraz is the president’s answer to big time drug lords who were living like kings inside Bilibid.

Last 2014, DOJ raided Bilibid prisons and found out how two drug lords were treated like VIPs. They also conducted their drug business inside. 

A few days ago, Duterte namedropped Herbert Colangco and Peter Co as the top-tier drug pushers in the country. A certain Peter Lim, according to the president, was also involved in illegal drug trade in the Visayas region, but is now living abroad.

No VIP Treatment. Duterte wants Prison Island for Drug Lords. Must Read.

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