No more smoking! Paolo Duterte wants 'smoking ban' on beaches. Must read.

Davao City Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte pushed for saving the beautiful beaches in the Philippines. The eldest of the First Family noted that this would be one of his projects during his father’s term. 
"If we are not going to do anything to stop this today, then we can only expect a bigger problem in the future," Paolo said. He witnessed the devastation of not preserving the beaches first hand in Baler while campaigning for his father.
The first phase is stop littering in public beaches. To start, Paolo Duterte would copy from Davao’s city law that prohibits anyone from smoking in public spaces. He asked to ban smoking in areas near the shore. He added, "The irresponsible disposal of cigarette butts on our beaches, if left unchecked, will be a cause of a major problem in the future.”
This wasn’t the first time liquor and cigarettes were banned. Last year, one of the popular tourist destinations in the country, Baler, prohibited drinking and smoking on its shores, citing that the ban would protect and preserve the cleanliness of the beaches. It would also boost the town’s tourism, especially among surfers.
Paolo added that despite its aggressive tourism campaign, the government had forgotten about the protecting the country’s natural wonders. He said, “The problem showed that our shorelines, especially the tourist destinations, have not been given the needed attention when it comes to environmental protection”
He added that to keep the beauty of Philippine beaches, the government has to protect the environment. He added, "We want to preserve the environment. We want to keep the beauty of our beaches."

No more smoking! Paolo Duterte wants 'smoking ban' on beaches. Must read.
Source: ABS-CBN

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