MUST SEE: You'll surely never eat fishball and kikiam ever again if you see this! Disgusting!

As a fellow Filipino, fishball and kikiam has been the most well-known and common street food that we eat in the Philippines. Even when tourists come to the country, those are one of the must foods that are always recommended to them.

However, the Filipino street food category does not consists of only fishball and kikiam but also has several foods in line. Though how delicious it may be, a few people are cautious and some hadn't even tasted it since it's sold from the streets, hence the name street food.

But if you were given a chance to be able to know how to make those street foods such as fishball and kikiam, will you want to? 

Here are the pictures on how they are made:

MUST SEE: You'll surely never eat fishball and kikiam ever again if you see this! Disgusting!

Lo and behold, that is how, according to a Facebook user, fishballs and kikiams are processed. But fortunatley for those Filipino street food lovers, it is, as a matter of fact, impossible for it to be made from snakes.

Why? Because if you are doing a business in the Philippines that makes fishballs or any kind of food, not only do you need the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) but also the Department of Health (DOH) and it's code on sanitation to have a license.

Basically, seeing that those fishballs and kikiam are "made" from snakes, they'll hardly be approved by the authorities. And there are many ways to know that it is fake. For instance, the people working and cutting snakes didn't even have the product (fishball and kikiam) beside them, in fact the image of it was only inserted to a collage.

And! The picture of the food itself did not even show the factory with the snakes. Also, they did not even showed that the snakes were being made into fishballs and kikiams. It was only seen that they are being sliced open and hanged.

Lastly, if something like that will ever happen, I guarantee that the authorities would have already taken them down.

So, what do you think? Share your opinions below! 

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