MUST READ: ‘World’s saddest polar bear’ dies

The “world’s saddest polar bear” named Arturo died on Sunday. He was 31

Representatives of the Mendoza Zoo, where Arturo was kept, said, the polar bear died because of “blood circulation imbalance” due to old age. They insisted that it was not the infection that killed him. 

Enviromentalists had asked the officials to change Arturo’s home and take him to Canada because the weather suited him, but they wouldn’t listen. They were waiting for the city hall’s plans to convert the zoo into a nature reserve. And it was too late. Arturo was far too weak to travel according to the veterinarian.

Many animals had died in Mendoza Zoo because of its poor conditions. Between December and May, there were already 64 reported animal deaths

Greenpeace spokeswoman Soledad Sede said that the Argentinian government must refuse taking in polar bear again. She added, "We hope that he will be the last polar bear to be held in a zoo in our country

She hoped that Arturo’s story “will oblige the authorities to review the state of other exotic species still living in the same situation."

He became the “world’s saddest polar bear” after his partner died. 

MUST READ: ‘World’s saddest polar bear’ dies

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