LOOK: Tree Bears Fruit Shaped Like A Woman.

A “sacred tree” in Thailand bore fruit, shaped like a woman, according to photos and a video circulating online.

Legend says an Indian god Indra was afraid that “lustful hermits” would attack his wife, so he planted Nariphon trees that bore “fruit maidens” in order to confuse them. 

Many netizens were doubtful of the Nariphon’s existence. “It’s obviously a hoax,” a poster on Quora said. “It's never been reported in any botanical resources, and no information has ever been published by a reputable source.”

Another netizen added, “If such an amazing phenomenon [were] real, this tree would undoubtedly be very famous, and there would be many media reports published about it all around the world.”

The analysis by David Emery on About.com revealed the Nariphon mysteriously appeared in Google in 2008, without previous searches for it, prompting Emery to conclude that the information about the “sacred tree and fruit maiden” must have been planted.

There are other stories about Nariphon. In the Himalayas, the folklore did not talk about a protective husband-god, but a powerful tree blooming every 20 years. If monks or hermits were underneath the Nariphon when it bloomed, they would “shatter at the sight of lady-shaped flowers.”

LOOK: Tree Bears Fruit Shaped Like A Woman.

LOOK: Tree Bears Fruit Shaped Like A Woman.

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