LOOK: Check out this 10 celebs you probably didn't know were Filipinos!

As generations have passed by, our world has become amazing, cultures mixing together in harmony making our place more connected, beautiful and created more talented people. Right now, celebrities and musicians have also showed this occurrence of our countries merging together by combining it in their music or any talent they possess.

And since we are all a bit obsessed with celebrities, singers and such, we individually have are own favorites. Sometimes we even buy everything they show in, like movies or TV series and for others, their music album, EPs and the list goes on. We also, at times, observe and brag about what they've achieved and cheer them on if they fail.

But when it comes to their background, their real identity of who they really are, what life did they underwent, who their parents are - do you know it? Although its kind of weird to search too much on them, but there's nothing wrong with that. After all, we just want to know them much better.

And to help you with that, we'll be revealing celebrities you probbably didn't know were Filipinos! 

1 - Bruno Mars
Born in Hawaii and a popular singer, his most recent popular song, where he featured in, is "Uptown Funk." His mother is Filipino while his dad is Puerto Rican-Jewish. 

2 - Allan Pineda
Famous member of "The Black Eyed Peas" and grammy-winning rapper, a.k.a. Apl de Ap. He was born in the Philippines, with his mother being Filipino while his father is American

3 - Monique Lhuilier
A fashion designer born in the Cebu, Philippines. She is well known for her beautiful wedding gowns.

4 - Enrique Iglesias
His mother is a Filipino journalist, Isabel Preysler while his father is a famous Spanish singer. 

5 - Charlyne Yi
A talented and hilarious comedian that was born in LA but her mother is Filipino.

6 - Hailee Steinfeld
A known actress, model and singer. She was nominated for an Oscar when she played the role of Mattie Ross in the movie "True Grit." Her mother is a Filipino interior designer.

7 - Rob Schneider
A hilarious actor and comedian. His grandmother was Filipino that lived in the Philippines and married Rob's grandfather, who was an American private that was stationed in the country.

8 - Darren Criss
Well-known from Glee, he is a talented actor, singer and songwriter. He also joins in theater plays that you might know of , like: "A Very Potter Musical" or "A Very Potter Sequel." His mother is a Filipino who was born in Cebu, Philippines.

9 - Manila Luzon
It's hardly a difficult guess since her name in 'Manila' and - this known drag queen first became famous in the capital city of the Philippines. And even her last name, 'Luzon,' is the biggest island in the Philippines

10 - Vanessa Hudgens
A popular singer and actress. She became really famous when she played Gabriella Montez in "High School Musical." Her mother is Filipino, which makes her half Filipino!

Where you shocked that they are part-Filipino? Share us your answers below!

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