Lacson believes President Duterte’s allegations against PNP generals. Must Read.

Senator Panfilo Lacson believed President Duterte’s allegations that high-ranking officials of the Pilippine National Police were involved in illegal drugs. Lacson received the same information during the campaign period, months before the president announced the allegations on public. 

He said, "At least two of them, I have been informed earlier (during the campaign period) by former subordinates in the defunct PAOCTF (Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Task Force) who at the time were seriously involved in anti-drug operations in their area of responsibility."

However, he refused to drop names. He argued that while he trust the information coming from the President, Lacson still needed to double check his info. He said, "I will, however, beg off to identify those two. As I said, I have not validated the information shared to me by my former subordinates."

On his speech during the Philippine Air Force Anniversary, President Duterte name-dropped five PNP heads, who had ties with illegal drug syndicates. They were: Vicente Loot, Marcelo Garbo, Edgardo Tinio, Joel Pagdilao, and Jr Bernardo Diaz. One of them was chief of NCR

The president’s allies in the Senate lauded Duterte for his aggressive campaign to clean up the PNP. Senator Aquilino Pimentel III said, "Wow. Great job by the President."

Meanwhile, Senator Juan Edgardo Angara pushed for the Magna Carta for PNP in order to prevent officers from involving in drug trade. He said, “We have been filing a bill called the Magna Carta for PNP which provides bigger allowances and benefits for our policemen, in order for them to resist possible temptations provided by illegal syndicates.”

Not everyone was happy. Senator Gringo Honasan II believed in trial by publicity. “Huwag i-subject sa trial by publicity dahil kawawa naman mga anak at pamilya na walang kinalaman,” he said. “Names are immaterial basta sundin lang ang due process at rule of law at habang walang final verdict.”

Lacson believes President Duterte’s allegations against PNP generals. Must Read.
Source: GMANetwork

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