GRAPHIC VIDEO: Truck Hits 4 Students in Legarda Manila. Driver Now Missing.

A speeding truck plowed into four students in Legarda Street, Sampaloc, Manila on Friday around 11 in the morning, according to the CCTV footage

The video showed the truck overtaking a jeepney, but lost its control and rammed into four students, who were crossing the street. 

In another footage, the driver, Raffy Labong, went down to check and help the victims but ran away from the scene after a few minutes. 

One of the witnesses confirmed the incident. She said that the truck was "very fast" and if it hadn’t stopped after hitting the four victims, she would’ve been hit as well. 

Despite the horrific event, the four victims’ conditions are stable.

One of the victims, Micah Francisco, who is celebrating her birthday today said she was grateful for the “second life.” 

P. Casal Construction, where Labong was employed, didn’t give a comment on the incident but promised to help the victims and find the driver.

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