Duterte Slams Nonperforming Mayors And Governors: ‘Ang dumi ng Pilipinas. Hindi na kayo nahiya’

President Rodrigo Duterte called out local officials for not keeping their respective communities clean. 

"There [are] trash and garbage around and if you—you  have to wait for the plastics to go inside the drainage so everytime there’s a downpour, excessive rain, water nagka-clog," he said in a meeting on Friday. “Ang dumi ng Pilipinas.“

Duterte reasoned that for the non-performing mayors and governors, it was the least they could do to the people they serve.

"Kaya kayo bayad e, kaya kayo nasa opisina n'yo kagaganda," he added. "Binibili n'yo furniture. Ganda ng kotse. 'Yong iba Land Cruiser, Suburban. Hindi na kayo nahiya!"

The president vowed to investigate the local officials’ spending of discretionary and intelligence funds. 

Duterte’s sermon didn’t end with the higher-ups but extended down to government employees. He warned them not to use government working hours for their recreation.

"We are paid by the people to work eight hours a day. Bayad tayo,” he said. “Kagaya dito ng national, local, pareho rin --- after lunch break, na nasa mga mall, papasyal-pasyal, 'pag nangyari 'yan ulit, I will dismiss ka."

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