China Allegedly Causes Fish Kill in Disputed Islands to Drive Away Filipino Residents

China is allegedly causing “Fish K*ll” in Pag-asa Island

A Facebook page called “Kalayaan Atin ‘To” posted a picture of dead fishes lined up along the shore of Pag-asa Island. The caption accused Chinese vessels of “regularly” dumping toxic chemicals to destroy corals and other marine life

“China is aggressively removing economic activities of the civilian community at the Kalayaan Island Group to drive away civilians and isolate the Islands,” the page wrote. “Once all civilians are gone, Chinese military activities to occupy the islands will be easier.”

Pag-asa is included in the swaths of islands in the West Philippine Sea. It is under the provincial government of Palawan and the only one among the disputed islands with Filipino residents. 

“Kalayaan Atin ‘To” page admins called the attention of Mayor Eugenio B. Bito-Onon Jr. to do something about the alleged marine killings, but the mayor has yet to make an official statement. 

The Philippines has won its fight for Pag-asa and its surrounding islands after the International Court in Hague unanimously ruled China’s claims as “unfounded” and “without historical merit.”

The Philippines and its allies rejoiced but China cried foul over the ruling.

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