CAUGHT ON CAM: Prominent Media Man and Radio Anchor Allegedly Using Illegal Dr*gs

A radio anchor was caught on camera, inhaling what-appeared-to-be a line of shabu.

Ka Louie Larosa of DYER-AM Radio Station in Puerto Princesa, Palawan had a plastic tube in his mouth while sniffing a white powdered substance, based on the video posted by Even Demata.

Another man, whose face wasn’t shown, “prepared” the alleged drugs for Larosa.

Mediaman Demata wrote, “Kasama kaya ito sa listahan ng PNP itong media personality na si Ka Louie Larosa? Harap-harapan habang nagsha-shabu kasama ang anak nya.”

The footage was published on Facebook on Monday and had 3,164,000 views at the moment. 

“Kuya di ko alam kung nagpapasikat lang kayo,” a poster named Ron Marco said. “Para na kayong pumipirma sa sarili niyong mga death certificate eh”

Recently, photos of dead alleged drug pushers and users have been circulating on social media as a result of the police’s aggressive campaign against illegal drugs

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