CAUGHT IN THE ACT: This man attempts to harass the lady beside him! Watch what happened!

We can't deny that being a female commuter is really hard these days. Like in a train, many women have been reported to be harassed by men.

For instance, the first man seen in the video seems to try to get a closer look at the lady beside him. If you're a woman, you probbably experienced this too kinds of occurrences.

And it truly is a difficult situation to be in if, most of all, you couldn't speak up for yourself.

If you are a woman, always keep to mind that you should always be cautious when you're inside public transportations such as trains, especially if it is rush hour.

But, also remember that not all men do those things. For that reason, you should always be careful and observant.

And because of these incidents, a few have laid out their opinions. For example, others think that in a train, women and men should be separated to avoid those mishaps. 

After watching the video below, What do you think? Share your opinions below! 

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