Are you curious why most men cheat? Here are reasons you probably didn't know!

Cheating is a very painful topic and, to some, might even be a taboo in relationships. Most causes of couple break ups are because of someone who cheated. 

And usually, men are the one reponsible of the said wrongdoing. And when asked why, here are 14 reasons:

1 Emotional Dissatisfaction

It has became a standard to some that for your man to be happy or content, they need to have s*x. Though it isn't completely true, they also need mental stimuation and emotional support. 

And several of them yearn to feel that loving or affectionate feeling, so if their emotionally dissatisfied with their partners they tend to look for some else, to cheat.

2 Fear of Intimacy

Although some may not show it, a few men cheat because they are afraid of being too intimated that they avoid their partners and get another person involved.

3 Wants to Break up

Just for the simple reason to break up. If he wants out of the relationship yet you don't, he try any means necessary, like cheating, just to break up.

4 Just a Liar

He says that you're the only one just to make you trust him, and behind your back he's actually deceiving you.  

5 High Expectations

If girls have their standards for men, then it's also obvious that men have it too. And if you don't pass that expectation, they cheat.

6 Libido

If your partner's sexual desire is higher than yours and you can't keep up with it, there's a big possibility that he getting rid of that extra to someone.

7 Lack of Friends

Everyone knows the feeling of being alone. If your beau doesn't have friends and you're he's only company, they tend to step out of the relationship. 

8 Confusion

They cheat because some confuse love from companionship, lust and comfort.

9 Insecurity

To make up his insecurity, he does things that will make him stray from the relationship.

10 Addiction

Like alcohol, men can also get addicted to s*x and because of that addiction they try to have s*x as much as possible to make them feel satisfied.

11 Overworking

Cheating for some men means to "let of steam" from stress.

12 Psychological Damage

Sometimes, because of past experiences, your partners incline to struggle being faithful.

13 Control

If you're a person who doesn't like to be controlled, some men cheat because they want to have the control, to be dominant, looking for a person who'll give them that want.

14 Maturity Level  

In all seriousness and honesty, because some men are not mature enough they take the relationship lightly and hop off from one bed to another.

Do you think cheating is justified with these 14 reasons? Share your opinions below!

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