An aswang mercilessly killed these people! Horrifying!

Until now, there is an ongoing debate whether Filipino mythical creatures really do exist. People from the provinces would also tell stories and complaints about how an 'aswang' roams around their area at night

This mythical creature is said to have an appears in different forms like a dog or cat. Moreover, a viral album on Facebook is trending online and scaring the netizens.

It shows different people who had some bruises and wounds on different parts of their bodies. What's common among them is that all of them had a circular wound on their stomach.

The post blames an alleged 'aswang' for the situation. However, not all netizens believe that the post is true. In fact, there are netizens who claim that maybe this is just for a drama or horror show or movie.

What do you think about this? Is this real or just for a movie? Check out the photos below!

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