After Being Kidnapped and Forced to Marry One of Her Captors, Teacher Was Rescued By The Military In Sulu

A 21-year old teacher was rescued on Monday after being kidnapped and forced to marry one of her captors. The military rescued Ratina Abubakar when she and her captors stopped by a mandatory checkpoint in Indanan, Sulu on July 9.

Upon seeing the military, Abubakar screamed for help and told the soldiers she was being taken hostage by the men with her.

The West Mindanao Command (WestMinCom) invited Abubakar and the suspects inside the camp of 12th Light Armored Calvary Troops for further questioning.

According to Abubakar, she was on her way to work, in Kanlangay Elementary School when Lauril Susulan, Basar Saudan, Jipy Susulan, Salim Susulan and Salma Saudan kidnapped her and held her captive for several days. They took Abubakar to the Barangay Hall in Kanlagay, Caluang, Sulu and forced her to marry Salim under Muslim rites last June 27.

After the investigation, the military turned over the suspects to the municipal police and escorted Abubakar back to her family. 

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