Piolo Pascual talks about one night stands! Must Read!

Showing on May 25, the movie "Love Me Tomorrow" have received positive reactions. Though, many are more concerned about the scenes of Piolo Pascual and Coleen Garcia that might trouble Billy Crawford.

Piolo said that since they are friends, he doesn't need to ask permission from Billy and told everyone how Billy is smart enough to trust in his girlfriend and friend that what they're doing has nothing to do with anything but only for the sake of the movie.

In the movie, Piolo and Coleen's role started as a one night stand relationship and he was asked if he ever experienced the same in real life. He replied that he didn't want to sound as if he's innocent and just decided to not answer the question.

Then he was asked of what he thinks about one night stands, if he thinks it's normal to have. He stated, "If it's the norm, you don't have to follow the norm".

He even said how it isn't about religion, but about how long will you preserve yourself for the one who deserves it. It's is in your decision of when will you respect yourself or to how long will you give, he added.

And he was asked if he gives advice to his son Inigo Pascual on the said topic. He told them how he haves faith in his son for knowing what's right and wrong and that he will only guide him and not spoon-feed him.

He also said his opinion regarding one night stands, "Kristyano po kasi ako, eh. Siguro if I were to be with someone, siguro I’d want it the old traditional way".

Piolo Pascual talks about one night stands! Must Read!

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