5 Hidden Dangers Of Monthly Periods That You Probably Take For Granted

Menstrual periods can be very uncomfortable for women. They can cause mood swings, pimples, insomnia, body pains, and fatigue. 

While these symptoms are common, women have to be extra alert. If you are experiencing any of these five red flags, maybe it’s time to go see the doctor. 

1) Unbearable Pain

As much as 50% of women experience dysmenorrhea, or menstrual cramps, because of an excess of hormones called prostaglandin. 

The problem happens when the pain, especially in the pelvic area, becomes so unbearable that women find it hard to move. This pain is caused by uterine tissue growing outside the uterus---a sign of serious health issue.

2) Unusual Color

The blood’s color can also reveal a woman’s health condition. A normal period is red, like “cranberry juice,” but watch out for sudden changes like these:

When the blood is dark, like “blueberry,” it means the body has high estrogen levels. This is common in heavy cycles. 

If it has a light pink appearance, or “strawberry jam,” the estrogen level is too low. The woman might have a late period and experience fatigue, low libido, and hair loss.

3) Prolonged Blood Flow

According to Iron Disorders Institute, a woman will release a cup of blood during her period.

If her bleeding is heavy, different complications may arise, from tissues causing infertility to tumors growing inside the uterus. 

If the bleeding is light, the woman may be on the pill. Poor nutrition and stress are also possible causes.

4) Irregular Period

Women experience irregular period from time to time. If she had irregular period frequently, one or combination of these might be the root cause: stress, extreme weight loss, pregnancy, medicines taken, and too much alcohol.

5) Irregular Bleeding

When the bleeding started again right after the period, it could be a sign of vaginal infection, hormonal imbalance, or the cancerous polyp, 

Remember these are just indicators. When something about your period feels off, the best thing to do is to go and ask your doctor.

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