This man was found brain dead while playing an online game. The truth behind this was REVEALED!

Because of the rapid upgrade of our lifestyle, more and more people are depending on machines and technologies these days. They claim that these high-technologies really help make their works easier. But then, technologies don't always give a positive outcome for everyone. More and more people, especially teenagers are getting addicted in playing online games, what's even worse is that some people can even sit all day, without eating or drinking anything.

Just recently, a young boy was found brain dead in a computer shop in China. You can clearly see in the CCTV Footage that the man was still facing his computer. 

The CCTV was able to record how this man went from playing to suddenly became a frozen man who totally lost his consciousness. Whats making the situation even worse is that no one even noticed him.

He was just rescued when one of his friends tried checking him out, only to find out that he's already brain dead.

Source: SocialTrends

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