The Truth Behind JC De Vera and Meg Imperial's private video, was Revealed!

It is for real that JC De Vera is considered as the hottest male artist in the showbiz industry. It's not just because of his good looks, but also because of his hot figure. If JC was hailed as the hottest male artist, a woman named Meg Imperial is considered as JC De Vera's counterpart for she's hailed as the sexiest and probably the hottest female celebrity in the showbiz industry.

But just recently, JC and Meg has been the talk of town after a private video of them has gone viral online! The video shows a very drunk Meg Imperial who was brought by JC to a hotel.

Meg was covered with dirt that was caused by vomiting, so, JC did the right thing. He decided to clean Meg Imperial by starting off with her clothes. 

The following scenes were somehow private because the next thing the viewers knew is that Meg was already undressed and so as JC.

It turns out that this clip was taken from one of their television shows before.

Source: ViralXpress

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