A mom and her daughter is sharing the same man in bed! This is insane!

How would you react if you found out that your mother has a lover and she even brought the man at your home? Will you be happy for your mother or you'd rather scold her for doing such thing?

Here's the story of a young lady who was named Carmen. She has no problems with the boyfriend of her mother, everything's fine with her. She claims that she wanted to see her mother happy that's why she had no problems with her mother having a live-in partner. 

Carmen was able to witness how this man loves her mother, she was able to see the affection, the care and the love.

But one night, they were all drinking when her mother lost her consciousness and fell asleep. This is when all the unbelievable thing happened

The man who is the live-in partner of her mom went to her room and something happened between the two of them. This is where their affair started!

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