This man known as "BOSO LORD" was arrested by the authorities after filming the students in public! MUST WATCH!

It is for real that filming or capturing a person's private part is against the law. But then some people just can't control themselves. What's even worse is that they're doing it in public.

A perverted man who was identified as Sonny Boy or more popularly known as Boso Lord and Indian boy 1818 in the social media sites, was arrested by the authorities after he was caught in the act of filming women's up skirt incidents.

In the video, this man claims that he's just randomly doing such thing and when he feels the urge to do it, he will. He has captured a lot of undies and private parts of different women, some are even wearing their uniforms.

This video is now being spread in various social media sites that aims to identify the women in the video and to convince them to file a case against this man and let him pay for what he did! 

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