Greedy Chinese people scooped shrimps at a buffet, using their plates! Unbelievable!

We all know for  a fact that shrimp or prawn is one of the most loved seafood in the world! People can't really resist the magical taste of this type of seafood. 

Now, a video of Chinese people who visited a buffet in Thailand, went viral online! 

The Chinese people are somehow scooping for the shrimps! Instead of falling in line for their turn, they tried to disturb everyone because they're acting greedy in this Thai buffet.

These Chinese people then ended up getting more plates of shrimps. These greedy people took shrimps that are more than what they could eat. Plates of shrimps ended up being untouched and wasted.

According to the reports, Chinese people acted this way because of the expensive price of Shrimp in their country! 

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