A real life mermaid was spotted in a tropical island! She's stunning!

We all know for a fact that Mermaids are legendary creatures that only appear in the imagination of the people. Mermaids are aquatic creatures that has the upper body of a human and the tail of the fish. 

Mermaids are known as legendary creatures that have already appeared in the folklore of many cultures around the word.

There are lots of footage online that showed their unbelievable encounter with real life mermaids, but this one that you're about to watch is by far the most unbelievable! 

In this video, a beautiful mermaid was seen lying on the shores of the ocean. A beautiful blonde mermaid with a stunning tail!  People claim that this is indeed the most beautiful mermaid that you'll ever see! 

However, this video has something deeper in it. This video aims to tell everyone to take good care of our oceans before all the creatures become mythical, like the mermaids.

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