The truth behind the victim of the dead mouse controversy who suffered from Leptospirosis was revealed!

We are all aware that the woman behind the rat incident in relation to coffee is now being criticized. People claim that she has no evidences and that she's just creating stories to be paid by Starbucks, but then a Facebook user has recently posted an update about what's happening to the girl after the incident.

In the Facebook post of Clarisse Crisologo, she stated five facts about the victim.

She claims that the woman is now currently confined and that she's suffering from a normal case of Leptospirosis. She also stated a couple of facts about what really happened to the drink of the woman. 

She also asked the bashers to stop posting hates about her and claimed that if things aren't real, then why is she suffering from Leptospirosis?

However, a lot of people didn't believe with what she stated.

What is Leptospirosis?

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