Vice Ganda commented about working with Robin Padilla! Unbelievable!

The fifth season of Pilipinas Got Talent has finally aired. Filipinos from different parts of our country are showcasing their talent to impress the new set of judges which are Vice Ganda, Angel Locsin, Robin Padilla and Freddie Garcia.

In an interview, Vice stated that he was quite surprised to know that Angel Locsin was quite strict when it comes to their contestants.

And when he's asked about how it feels to work with Mariel Rodriguez Padilla on It's Showtime and Robin Padilla on PGT, he gladly stated that it's quite funny because he's working with the couple but in different shows.

Vice even praised the couple for being good co-hosts.

He also highlighted Robin's act of being a gentleman. He claims that Robin is so gentleman to the point that he even calls Vice as "Miss Vice."

Source: Push, ChosenTrends

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