Tips on how to choose the gender of your baby! Unbelievable!

We all know for a fact that some parents would love to have a baby girl rather than a baby boy, while there are some who would love to have a boy rather than a girl. The question is, "Is there really a way to choose the gender of your baby before creating it?"

Dr. Shettles, who has been known as the father of In Vitro Fertilization for the past 50 years has created a powerful book entitled "How to Choose the Gender of Your Infant."

In his book, he gave several advises on how to get a baby boy or a baby girl.

He claims that if a couple wants a baby girl, they should rest for 2-3 days before and after ovulation and that they should try the shallow penetration so that the sperm cell would take a long travel. 

And if the couple wants a baby boy, they should rest for 4-5 days before and after ovulation and try the doggy style that leads the sperm in a much shorter travel.

People claim that this advise was 75% successful! You won't lose anything if you'll try this tip! 

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