This couple was standing still, facing each other. Suddenly, they did this! WOW!

It is undeniable that acrobats are the most impressive dancers, for they were able to leave everyone speechless every time they combine their strength, balance and their dancing skills! 

When it comes to combining dancing and acrobat, this dancing duo is probably the best of the best! They combined their acrobatic skills and their remarkable movements to reveal the most heartfelt performance

The crowd couldn't help but to be speechless with what they're seeing! 

What's even more impressive is that in this performance, the woman was obviously smaller than the man, yet she used her strength to take over their performance. 

"There are no words to explain how incredible this is. But my god, it is seriously unbelievable! Some of those lifts are incomprehensible, and these guys are both fantastic dancers in their own right too. Phenomenal!" One of the viewers stated.

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