The billionaire's son spends his money to pay for attractive women! This is insane!

Have you seen the viral video of a man who's spending his day with different girls and different expensive cars?

A man named Chen Shan, the only son of his billionaire father who happens to be the richest real estate investor in Meizhou, China.

This man uploaded a video of him while he hangs out with different girls each day and the way he drives his expensive cars.

This man suffers from anemia, jaundice and developmental problem and congenital enlargement of the liver and spleen, which prevents him from undergoing a plastic surgery or any treatment. 

And since he's a billionaire, he's using all of his money to buy pay for girls to make her happy and to buy everything that he wants.

A lot of people were truly disturbed by the content of this video, but just chose to shrug it off. 

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