She dumped him because he's poor. What happened next will surely shock you!

It is undeniable that these days, most women prefer guys who are wealthy enough to buy the things that they want. They want to be with a guy who can take them to the beautiful places.

Here's the story of a woman who left her boyfriend who's struggling in life. He's poor and is currently looking for job when his girlfriend asked her to take her out on a lunch date, but then he has nothing left with him because he's still looking for a decent job. Just because he's poor, his girlfriend dumped him and stated that if he couldn't afford her expenses, then she doesn't deserve him.

A couple of years had passed, they met each other again and the woman boasted how rich and how much her husband earns. Suddenly, her husband came and called her ex-boyfriend "Sir." 

It turns out that the man she dumped before because he's poor is actually the reason as to why her husband is earning big amount of money.

This video intends to teach everyone that the best revenge is to show them that you've succeed in life. 

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