Powerful video of President Marcos about his predictions for the Philippines, has gone viral!

It is for real that a lot of people really hated President Marcos before, because of the way he ruled the Philippines. But then, after realizing what he has really done for this country, you'll surely believe that his way of ruling is the best way to run a country.

A powerful and eye-opening video of the late President Ferdinand Marcos has gone viral online, because of its content.

In the video, President Ferdinand Marcos said that he asked President Corazon Aquino to continue the Bataan Nuclear Plant for the sake of the country, but then Corazon Aquino refused to do so, because of the thought that Filipinos will just remember what President Marcos has done for them and how he made their lives miserable. 

"Anong klaseng pagiisip yan?" President Marcos stated.

He then stated that because of what President Corazon Aquino did, the Philippines will literally change after 20 years. From a competitive country to a country filled with poverty and crimes.

People claim that President Marcos has, somehow, predicted what is happening in the Philippines right now.

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