Old man passed away while making love with a s*x worker! He's still inside her! Unbelievable!

We are all aware that a lot of people are saying that they wanted to d!e happy that's why they wanted to d!e while making love with their partner.

As if a genie heard this old man's wish, this old man in China passed away while making love with a s*x worker. People claim that it was a wish come true for the old man, but still this is quite a nightmare and probably the most embarrassing thing that the woman has to face. 

Reports claim that the woman was actually hired by the old man to make him happy, but then suddenly this unfortunate incident took place.

The medics weren't able to remove the lifeless old man from the woman that's why they took both of them at the hospital while people are looking at them.

It was then revealed that this woman was surgically removed from the man.

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