Kim Domingo was asked by an killer to remove her clothes! SHOCKING!

We all know for a fact that Kimberly Domingo or simply Kim Domingo is one of the prettiest and the hottest dancer/actress of her generation. A lot of people adore her because of her beauty and her mesmerizing body!

There had been a lot of videos of Kim Domingo online but this one that you're about to watch is indeed the hottest! 

The video was a short clip that was taken from Bubble Gang, wherein a suspect was running after Kim Domingo to end her life. But as they reached the end, the man suddenly changed his mind and asked Kim Domingo to remove her clothes! 

Kim was about to take off her clothes when the suspect suddenly stated that he'd still end her life after he took all her clothes.

It turns out that the suspect wasn't straight at all.

Source: Facebook
The Killer wants to remove Kim Domingo Clothes
Kim Domingo remove her Clothes!
Posted by Music Video on Saturday, February 6, 2016

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